About me

I’m Francesco Schwarz, a Frontend Developer based in Munich, Germany. I’m passionate about the web and its technologies, but what I love most is to build experiences for people on the web that are responsive, fast, and accessible.

2004 was the year when I first learned about and played with web technologies. 15 years in, I’m still fascinated by how the three frontend pillars HTML, CSS and JavaScript intermesh and thus form the foundation of the web.

At software service provider jambit I designed and implemented websites and frontend features for numerous organisations, amongst others Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. For the latter, I was a leading part of the team that launched the redesigned website in 2017.

At censhare I improved the workflow between designers and developers by implementing and advancing design systems, always with a strong focus on semantic HTML, maintainable CSS architectures, and accessibility.

Today I work at Süddeutsche Zeitung to maintain and develop sz.de, together with a fantastic team of testers, designers, analysts and developers. 🚀

Head over to the blog, check out my projects, or get in touch with me via Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn or email.