Credit where credit is due: thanks to all the following people’s output and projects in helping me create my website!

  • This website uses Eleventy, a static site generator created by the amazing Zach Leatherman. It’s actually the first time I used a SSG to build something, and my experiences with it have been flaweless.
  • I drew a lot of inspiration and ideas for the code and folder structure from Paul Robert Lloyd’s website. It served as a great boilerplate project for me, where I learned how things are being done in Eleventy and how to cleanly structure a project with it.
  • The typeface in use is IBM Plex. Do you like it?
  • Thanks to Gerrit van Aaken for providing and letting me use a great template for a DSGVO-compliant privacy statement. I don’t know if it is actually bullet-proof, but I did my best nonetheless.
  • Thanks to Stefan Judis for the idea of the “Today I learned” series.
  • I use Uberspace to host this website. It runs on their latest server setup generation, Uberspace 7, which includes great things like automatic HTTPS for all domains, HTTP/2, being able to turn off access logs, etc.
  • The code for this website is publicly available as a GitHub repository and is being automatically deployed by Travis CI. Two persons in particular helped me with setting up the deployment: Thomas Parisot with the article SSH deploys with Travis CI and Florian Brinkmann with the article Auto deployment to staging and production server with Travis CI.
  • Thanks to Nicolas Gallagher for the idea of aggregating Twitter reactions to articles in a custom collection and link them at the end of articles. For an example scroll down to the bottom of this article to see what I mean.
  • A lot of images in the blog posts are taken from the great Pexels, a database full of free images.
  • Thanks to my spouse Dotti for proof-reading every relaunch since this website exists in its several stages over the years, and for enduring me talking about nerdy frontend stuff all the time.
  • As every project does, also this website depends upon quite a lot of libraries and tools. I think it’s a great thing to being able to choose from such a vast and interesting tool ecosystem. For that, I’m more than grateful. 🙇‍♂️