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Hi, I’m Francesco, a Frontend Developer from Munich, Germany. This is my little corner of the web where I post articles, links and notes. Check out what I’m doing now or learn more about me. Thanks for stopping by! 👋

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  1. Inspired by Hidde de Vries (who got inspired by Ethan Marcotte and Robin Rendle) I too added a “Reply via email” link at the bottom of every RSS feed item. Check it out!

    I like this kind of subtle UX improvements for “hidden” stuff like RSS feeds. Similarly, if I link to an external source I automatically add the external link at the bottom of the corresponding RSS feed.

    Thanks for the heads up, Hidde!

  2. Reading “More infos to follow soon…” in the Readme file of a repository where the last commit happened in 2012. Whispers of the past. Put me in a melancholic mood almost instantly. Maybe also triggered by the Celtic playlist I’m listening to in the background.