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  1. Replying to a post on

    Thanks a lot for the explanation!

    I’m already sending webmentions via Bridgy Publish. I altered your module to optionally include the publish URLs for (in my case) Twitter and Mastodon. I’ve done this in this file around that line. I’ve added a checkbox in my notes called “Post to Bridgy?”, and when that is checked I append the Bridgy publish URLs to $page->{$field} as additional URLs to process for webmentions.

    The core of what I need is what you wrote here:

    I wrote some more code that processes that response to get the tweet’s URL and updates the syndication link on the note.

    That’s basically exactly what I’m looking for. I see if I can achieve that by myself, playing a bit around with it.

    But thanks again for you reply, that clarifies a lot for me. And it’s also a bit sobering to see that apparently it’s really not that easy to automate the process. Looking around at all the #indieweb blogs and seeing all the syndicated links on notes frankly I felt quite stupid not understanding how all this folks are doing this automatically. Also one really can’t find a whole lot information around the web, which adds to the problem.

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    Next up: figuring out how to get Bridgy to push likes and retweets to me. I understand that I have to add some syndication markup to my website.

    What I’m still trying to understand is how to automatically add “Also on Twitter” links to my website post (as @adactio has it on his notes). Not quite understanding the underlying workflow yet.

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    Holy macaroni! I know I’m late to the game. But writing tweets, toots, etc. that originated from my website is … pretty fucking magical. 🤩 #indieweb