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    Running on my own

    Experiences in migrating running data from Garmin to my website, setting up a continuous sync for all future runs and visualizing some metrics.

  2. Next step for owning more of the content I’m producing: I swaped all of my runs (368 in total) with all relevant data from the Garmin silo to the ProcessWire instance of my website. ✌️

    The runs will be part of my content stream on my website. The process of getting new runs into the system is not yet automated, I have to play around with it still to figure things out.

  3. Replying to a post on gregorlove.com:

    Very nice, I like your approach. Thanks a lot for the snippet!

    I’ve not heard from a lot of people using the module yet.

    My impression is also that the module didn’t quite get the traction it deserves. Just love the work you have put into it!

    By the way, we’ve been having weekly virtual indieweb meetups if you’d like to join.

    Awesome, I will see if I can join.

    Thanks a lot for your response, Gregor!